Creating a powerful and playful training experience for thousands of staff members during the SMRT Service Excellence Staff Training Event.




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Every year, the SMRT Service Excellence Staff Training Event aims to communicate the core values and principles of Service Excellence at SMRT. 

Chemistry was asked to develop the overall user experience for the event in 2017 with the goal of grounding the staff in a fun, engaging and hands-on training event that both informs and inspires.

What We Did

Chemistry set out to develop an event with a series of pop-up stations. We used gamification to allow the staff to explore different themes like collaboration, teamwork or innovation mindset. And how that relates to them in delivering SMRT’s service excellence framework. 

We began by processing SMRT’s service excellence principles, along with raw content of case studies and personnel who embody those values.

Then we developed customised games across different engagement stations, testing and adjusting all game mechanics to ensure each game worked to impart the relevant core concepts of service excellence. Eventually relating it back to each team member’s area of work. 

We developed the overall branding of the event, as well as the industrial design for the physical pop-up stations. Also, we oversaw all print and screen collaterals, as well as the building of light-touch, yet informative interactions that allowed the staff to sharpen skills and apply their learning through play.


Over 2,000 SMRT staff members engaged with the event, either in the beginning or end of their work shifts. The event was hailed a big success. Our work was applauded for creating a wonderfully interactive training event that achieved its objectives while providing a fun and engaging experience for the staff members.


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